Re: Having a bad day again

Sat Mar 10 09:29:57 2001

Hey Millie I got back in to see Dr Wilson he said he didn"t feel in large tumors like before but That we already knew that the adhesions had a good chance of coming back. He said there was not an obstruction but I was backed up. He gave me something called Clindex and I go to the the bathroom now.I have been drinking the ensure and have a very small light meal at night.I am going to call him back Monday because I am having really severe pain in my pelvic area.Have been in bed for days but I didn't want anyone to be worried.I just get so angry when the pain gets that intense I feel like a crazy person.He said that the meds should help but it seems like the pain has gotten worse since I started taking these pills.I am just sick to death of hurting so bad.He explained that narcotics are constipating and we needed to try this alternative drug for now maybe I am just being crazy but this is hurting worse than when my gall bladder ruptured or the cyst on my ovaries ruptured I do not think its good for me to be in this much pain.Thanks for being there. Dawn

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