Re: Cheryl

From: Michael Murray (
Sat Mar 10 14:07:36 2001

Cheryl, Not to discourage you, but when I had my first surgery for adhesion removal, the Dr. said prior to my surg. that he probably wouldn't find anything but low and behold he couldn't even get into pelvic area with a Lap. because the adhesions were so dense. I started having prob. again soon after and went back and he told me he couldn't do anything for me. Went to a surgeon last week that does a lot of surg. on adhesions and he suspected Irritable Bowel which now I'm fuming because I know that it is the adhesions causing problems again. I don't understand why a lot of Drs. don't believe adhesions cause so much havoc in our lives. It has been a nightmare for me going to Drs. I am blessed with a Physicians Assistant who seems to be trying to help me. Could it be because she is female? Not to bash on men but sometimes females seem to be more compationate. I know that there are alot of good Drs. out there somewhere. I am going to my third visit to a pain clinic next week, pray that I will improve. By the way, does anyone out there know what is good to take for gas? It's embarrassing to ask, but I know if anyone knows, it would be someone on this site.I guess we all need to learn to deal with the pain of having adhesions. We need to tell each other what helps us besides surgeries. Surgery is not an option for me at this time. There's got to be a lot of things we can do to help control the pain and discomfort ourselves. If anyone has any suggestions please post them. I was thinking of doing Yoga, but haven't yet. Bless all of you! Kel P.S. Cheryl, since you live in Michigan, Minnesota may be a good place for you to look for a good surgeon, I have relatives there that boast on the good care they recieve. There's got to be a Dr. in Minneapolis that specializes in Adhesions. If you find one there let me know, it would be worth going there.

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