Re: The society

Sat Mar 10 14:13:40 2001

Thanks Cheryl, education is tantamount! Check out Great site for a listing of doctors that deal in this area (somewhat) It is a national listing site, check it out. Adhesions suck to put it bluntly- I personally have had 6 surgeries and even one of the docs in Scranton which did actually speak to me nicely said some very informative things. There are no guarantees with any surgery and everyone is different. I have yet to find true relief, but I will never stop trying. I am hoping to comprise a list of questions that everyone can use when they meet with a new doctor regarding our conditions. Many times we forget to ask important questions while we are there due to our pain and frustration. Maybe if we go prepared it will be better for us and our doctors all around. If anyone would like to add a question to my "doctor worksheet" PLEASE feel free to email me with them. We must all stick together and help one another whenever we can. Information is power and the more we can get the more we can help ourselves and have the docs help us too. Hang tough, thanks for no hate mail. Feel free to keep in touch at any time! Regina T.

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