Re: Cat Scan correction!

From: Michael Murray (
Sat Mar 10 14:31:47 2001

I have had cat scans, bariums,colonoscopies etc. that all show normal. This was before and after adhesion surgery. I do not want another one of these. Most Adhesions don't show up on these tests. I think most of the time, surgery is the only way to find things. Unfortunately more scar tissue results. Hopefully, your test will come up with something. The Gast. I went to said I had a functional disorder. In other words, "don't know, don't come back."Boy, have I babbled a lot today on this message board. I think it may be one of the meds that I'm on that does this. Doesn't quite help the pain but it makes me talk a lot. Ha Ha kel

"Jean (from PA)" wrote:

> They can show blockages, however when I had my partial blockages due to
> adhesions in the past the blockages did not show on any of their tests.
> It is worth a try though, plus they can show many other things beside
> blockages.
> My ulcer & hiatal hernia didn't show up on the upper GI in the past
> either...they found them putting the scope down my throat. Guess my
> body just doesn't cooperate with x-rays (haha).
> Wonders me if they will show up now after all these years!?!
> I wish I knew what I was looking at cause when I was put in certain
> positions I could see the monitor but have no idea what I was looking
> at!!
> I said to the doctor "oh goody, I get to watch TV!" and he said "yup,
> but we don't have cable"(haha).
> I will know the results after I go to the doctor March 19th.
> I will be picking them up before that but I don't know what I'm looking
> at anyway.
> The upper GI isn't is the stuff up the butt I can't handle. I
> can't handle a BM let alone hoses or tubes.
> JEAN (from PA)
> At Sat, 10 Mar 2001, Millie wrote:
> >
> >Jean,
> >Please let me know how the upper G.I. went. I see another gastro this
> >Monday, and I'm going to ask him about the barium series, as much as I hate
> >the prep. I hate taking enemas, because they don't work, and they give me
> >more problems.
> >Do the upper or lower G.I series show any constricting of the bowels?
> >Have a nice day!
> >Millie

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