Re: Cat Scan correction!

From: Jean (
Sat Mar 10 15:04:01 2001

Kel, I know adhesions don't show on any tests. That isn't what my doctor is looking for....he is making sure sure nothing else is wrong in addition to the adhesions. I don't, and I don't think he has any doubts that I have adhesions.....after all I had them in the past and have had 7 surgeries on my abdomen alone. The thing that must be checked is if the adhesions are causing ALL the problems or if something else could also be wrong. I have gone 12 years this time since my last adhesion surgery and haven't had any tests on my abdomen in this time. I am 52 years old therefore in a high-risk category. Hopefully adhesions are my "only" problem and nothing else is discovered. Adhesions, hiatal hernia, ulcer, rectocele, carpal tunnel, severe constipation and my hip replacement etc. have been enough to deal with.

I have had surgeries involving adhesions 4 times in the past. Nothing ever showed on tests. I have had 17 surgeries and every test or procedure you can imagine done to me and on pretty much every part of my body over 30 years(except my heart).

I have heard all the "in your head, etc." stories in the past also! JEAN (from PA)

At Sat, 10 Mar 2001, Michael Murray wrote: >
>I have had cat scans, bariums,colonoscopies etc. that all show normal. This was
>before and after adhesion surgery. I do not want another one of these. Most
>Adhesions don't show up on these tests. I think most of the time, surgery is
>the only way to find things. Unfortunately more scar tissue results. Hopefully,
>your test will come up with something. The Gast. I went to said I had a
>functional disorder. In other words, "don't know, don't come back."Boy, have I
>babbled a lot today on this message board. I think it may be one of the meds
>that I'm on that does this. Doesn't quite help the pain but it makes me talk a
>lot. Ha Ha

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