Dr. R&R statements

From: Kathy L. (jkluch@msn.com)
Sat Mar 10 16:49:47 2001

Hi all:

I try to check in as often as I can, and I do read everything, I don't always put my 2 cents in because I feel that others are more qualified. Just a comment on some postings. I think it is unfair to decide the motives and attitudes of the doctors based upon their office personnel. True, if she is offending people, etc., they have to be aware of it and communicate to her that this isn't the way to handle their business. And unfortunately, as much as we would like to forget that and want think doctors go into medicine to "help people", which I think this group truly wants to, it costs money. The rising cost of equipment, maintenance, Malpractice Insurance, etc is what causes the prices to go up. Instead of getting mad at the doctors, get mad at the insurance companies who won't pay for this type of procedure.

An example in my case. Dr. Redan spent over 2 1/2 hours of very intricate work trying to lyse my adhesions and remove a very large cyst, I had already had two expensive surgeries without any success. My insurance company allowed him $586.00 because they don't have a "code" that adequately describes what he did. Give me a break! That didn't even cover the cost of the gauze for crying out loud. I appealed to my insurance and they are doing research to be sure he is reimbursed properly. Unfortunately, he has to charge up front because of this very problem. Let's put our energy into getting this approved for everyone by their insurance. I contacted local and state representatives, local physicians, I am writing an article for a national publication, etc., to help everyone have the opportunity to make a choice. I am not telling everyone to go to Drs. R and R. I am telling everyone to fight for the right to choose no matter where they want to go.

Thanks for listening and keep writing. This support site saved my life emotionally when I thought I was the only one going through this.

Kathy L.

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