Re: A fax to Helen Gibson........

From: Jo Eslick (
Sat Mar 10 16:50:37 2001

Hi Jenny!

Wow I was beginning to think I was invisible on the board......thanx, I just think it has gotten a little narrow in focus, & I need my energy to get well. I feel all this bitterness can pull you down.

You come across as a very caring person & I think the board will suffer a huge loss if you decide to take a break too.

I had a really bad night last night & could have used some support from the site, but couldn't so soon after what I wrote!

A couple of the aussie girls have been chatting to me on ICQ which has been wonderful. I'm nervous about the 13th......I know he is going to suggest more surgery....I just hope I'm strong enough to say no! (for the moment, I want to give the herbal a chance). Dr's can be intimidating....& I tend to let them do what they suggest.

You have all been through so much, and I really feel fortunate that I don't have as many of the complications that people seem to mention in their posts.

Thanx again Jenny, I appreciate the personal email, I don't feel quite so "alone" now.

Cheers & best wishes, Jo

>From: "jenny low" <>
>To: Multiple recipients of list ADHESIONS
>Subject: Re: A fax to Helen Gibson........
>Date: Sat, 10 Mar 2001 17:22:11 -0600
>I really hate to see you leave the board. I understand though because I
>been thinking about it myself. There has been too much arguing going on. I
>came to this site to receive and give support. I am going to watch for the
>next few days and see if it all stops. If not, then I will take a break
>the site for a while. Hopefully by then things will have cooled down and
>support for one another is again in place.
>Take care and check in from time to time and let us know how you are doing
>and if the herbs are working for you.
>Love and big hugs,

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