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Sat Mar 10 17:21:26 2001

Well said Kate,

I don't even think the entire issue with the money is not being able to afford it or even a doctor not being worth it.

1. If certain doctors "deserve so much more money than they charge" maybe some of the ones who think this way would want to "donate" maybe just a half million to that doctor out of the goodness of their heart, since their surgery was worth at least a million???? 2. Why has the money and insurance been such a big secret?? 3. I NEVER asked a doctor or his office if they accepted my insurance in the past and got a run-around and no answers. 4. I NEVER had to collect and send reports etc. "before" anyone would even be willing to answer a simple question of whether they accepted my insurance! 5. I ALWAYS "first" asked on the phone if they accepted my insurance and got an immediate straight answer "that I could believe". If they participated I made an appointment, if not I didn't waste my time! 6. Why did I and alot of others mysteriously get a "very friendly" call "after" there were posts on here of the uncooperativeness and un-friendly nature of a certain individual? 7. WHY are their spies or snitches on a web-site?....and for a doctor?? 8. No-one even expected them to accept ALL insurances. 9. Not ALL insurances pay what medicare pays!!!!

Others are not neccessarily doing "the bad thing or 2nd rate thing" if they choose to go somewhere else but some people make them feel like they are. We all make our own decisions and have the right to do so. It should be made based on facts and pros & cons of everything and everyone(and there will be pros & cons "everywhere")etc.

If "I" am totally off-base why did I last 12 years this time? There are some successes everywhere but I doubt any are forever. Did ANYONE ask where I had gone 12 years ago?....of course not! From what I have seen I do think I have by far had the longest results of anyone on here.

I feel as many others do, that this is suppose to be a support group, not a web-site promoting a select few doctors(very few)and bashing people who have the audasity to differ. It is ok to give people information when needed.

If it is a doctor's support group than it either needs opened on their site or the name here needs to be changed. If you ever notice....there is VERY LITTLE converstaion when it involves any other doctors. You definitely feel overwhelming pressure to go to certain doctors. I normally have my own mind and am not easily swayed or talked into things but I definitely felt the pressure and was accepted when I gave in to it. It definitely hampered my thinking because I too was desperate and only hearing & seeing what others wanted me to see & hear. I saw things "their way".

Why should I be pressured into going to a doctor hours away and paying allot of money if I have a good doctor willing to do surgery right here? I think my doctors would be appauled to know they are considered 2nd rate doctors! I NEVER said my doctor who did surgery 12 years ago was "the best their is" and yet I guess he would qualify if I lasted "12 years". Much less time than that has qualified other doctors....and I was also much better after EVERY adhesion surgery. I never realized I was such a unique case.

Just try to say something negative or questionable about certain doctors or policies and look out, yet anyone can say anything negative about other doctors with no fear at all of bashing! There is VERY LITTLE excitement when it comes to any other doctor or technique.

Decent people are leaving this site or sitting back quitely because of the way things are being handled here....not because of Regina!!! Will this not end???? She was just one of the first to have the nerve to speak up. Shame on someone for breaking the sacred rule! People can make what they want out of it....I for one appreciate honesty and did not see it as slandering!!! If they don't want honesty than we better drop the doctor's name from this web-site altogether. You know the saying: "If you can't stand the heat get out of the kitchen!" JEAN (from PA)

At Sat, 10 Mar 2001, Kate Murphy wrote: >
><FontFamily><param>Times New Roman</param><bigger>On 9 Mar 2001, at 21:07, wrote:
><color><param>0000,0000,A000</param><FontFamily><param>arial,helvetica</param><bigger><bigger>To all members, this is Regina and I just had a very
>disturbing telephone 
>conversation with Dr.Redan. Apparently he just
>returned from Mexico and 
>heard about my "OPINION" and wasn't happy.
>Outrageous! Don't be intimidated. You related an
>experience, the same as many people do everyday
>on the Internet.
>I am so glad that you brought up the issue of
>payment for this surgery. It is important
>information for all of us to have.
>We need to know our own strength and know that
>we can help ourselves, that we are not trapped into
>a very limited set of choices.
>Too often the message is that unless we can afford
>or are willing to make a huge family sacrifice to go
>to Germany or Pennsylvania, there is no help.
>Yet, we have heard of wonderful results with
>acupuncture, with diet changes, with pain
>management. We are NOT helpless or victims.

>Kate Murphy

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