Re: This is REALLY important to all of us

From: anonymous (
Sat Mar 10 17:34:04 2001

I agree, however it will never happen I am sure of that!!!! I am sure every patient and prospective patient has already (or will, as I have) receive a phone call from the doctor himself. The purpose of this call is to "calm your suspicions" and also to tell you how Regina is slandering his name on the internet!! He truly believes this and sticks by it. I feel SHE is being slandered. SHE didn't secretely call all of his patients, SHE was up-front and honest.

At Sat, 10 Mar 2001, anonymous wrote: >
>I've just been reading some of the recent messages, and I am appalled.
>We are in danger of something basic being taken away from all of us.
>First, there was no place in Regina's original message where she claimed
>that her opinion was anything BUT opiniion and personal experience. A
>lot of people have had great experiences and stories to tell about Drs.
>R & R, and we have all been very happy for them. Regina was ALSO very
>happy for them. Second, we should be so happy that we have such a
>message board where we can all express our opinions and difficulties.
>Third, it is NOT okay that Drs. R & R are trying to take this basic
>right away from one of our members; to mention legal action and to even
>imply that Regina's career was in danger was a direct threat and totally
>out of line. These doctors have been wonderful for many people, but
>they were NOT wonderful for Regina. She was treated poorly and shown no
>respect, and she had every right to say as much and to give the rest of
>us the warning that this could happen. Indeed, an apology is in order,
>but it is Regina to whom this should be made. The doctor has been a
>great support of this society, and we appreciate it. However, I (and I
>hope the rest of you) are waiting for the apology to Regina on this
>message board. We should never be made to feel that we are unable to
>express ourselves here.

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