From: Dr. David Wiseman (
Sat Mar 10 19:39:40 2001

Dear All I have just waded through some of the recent postings regarding certain doctors. This is very disturbing to me, as to other members of the IAS. >From time to time there will be legitimate differences of opinions
between patients and even the best of doctors. I do not wish to get in the middle of any disputes and I certainly do not want the IAS to be the battleground for such disputes, legitimate or otherwise. The message board is to provide support to adhesion suferers, only.

Other sites have had the policy of filtering out all postings that mention doctors by name. I am tempted to do the same if the present correspondence continues.

If you have a dispute, please deal with it off line. I do not want to see a blow by blow accout on this message board.

This also applies to postings that you may be tempted to make about other patients. Please be polite and civil and use the board for the purpose that it was created - to provide constructive suppoprt for each other.

Any questions please address them to me directly.

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