Re: A fax to Helen Gibson........

From: Jean (
Sat Mar 10 20:36:52 2001

Hey, don't you guys desert us now!!!!! We have finally made a statement and are possibly resolving some matters. If not, we can always start our own web-site (tee hee). You told me to stay so now I am telling you. Wally....I understand your reasons for leaving because I will leave for the same reasons if it was all said in vain. If it is truly a support group it should improve after all the "new" responses and opinions, if not than it truly isn't worth it. You also may email me at any time. JEAN (from PA)

At Sat, 10 Mar 2001, jenny low wrote: >
>I really hate to see you leave the board. I understand though because I have
>been thinking about it myself. There has been too much arguing going on. I
>came to this site to receive and give support. I am going to watch for the
>next few days and see if it all stops. If not, then I will take a break from
>the site for a while. Hopefully by then things will have cooled down and the
>support for one another is again in place.
>Take care and check in from time to time and let us know how you are doing
>and if the herbs are working for you.
>Love and big hugs,

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