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Sun Mar 11 05:13:17 2001


I don't think anyone is lashing out at anyone. I think that people have posted their own personal opinions...regardless of which side. I do agree that Sue is and has been a problem in that office. But, I also question some of what you state in your letter. Have you had surgery with Dr. Reich or Dr. Redan? Have you been left with a large balance following surgery? I have been a part of helping quite a number of individuals get to Scranton or New York and I am not aware of any of them having to pay a large balance following their surgeries. If you have been left with a large balance after your surgery....again I do not know that you have even had surgery...number one you can appeal the payment to your insurance company. People have had success in getting their insurance to pay more....just by appealing it and explaining the procedures that Dr. Reich and Redan use. Number two....if you have been left with a large balance following your definitely would be a concern for everyone considering going to see these doctors. But before I or anyone else could make a decision it would be nice to know if Dr. Reich and Redan ever performed surgery on you?


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> After much consideration I felt the need to write this. > > No-one is mistaken or reading "Sue" wrong at Dr. Redan's > office.....that is how sue is!!! She did not just have a bad day, > believe me. You will not get any straight answers from her, and if > money is a concern you will have need for concern. Sue will not work > with you and / or your insurance company.....I have definitely had that > experience. > She doesn't care if the insurance pays "anything" or not, she will just > bill you for the remainder. Pre-payment is not necessarily your "total > bill", it is just what it says, "pre-payment" (like a down payment). > If your insurance doesn't pay at all or what is "acceptable" they can > and probably will bill you for the rest. You will not get any answers > on a final bill until "after" surgery and hope that you can afford it > "after" it is too late. > > I'm sorry, but these money factors have been my greatest fears.....and > yes, I do care about my health and have gone much longer between > surgeries than allot of others I have seen on here. > I did not have the "perfect" doctors but apparently not that bad either, > since I went 3 yrs. twice, 1 yr. once, and "12 years" this last time > in-between my ARD surgeries. > I didn't have to sacrifice everything I own to do it. > I think it is very un-fair to think everyone should be obligated to do > that, or else they are sacrificing the "only good care there is". > It's like the sick don't deserve anything, not bad enough they have no > guarantees on health even if they sacrifice everything. > > This is suppose to be a "Support Group"! > You "should" be aloud to ask questions, post experiences and voice your > individual opinions without being afraid you are saying something wrong > or of someone disagreeing with you to the point of "lashing out" at you! > You should be able to post if your results were good OR bad with a > surgery, whether going to Scranton or wherever!! > > This is not Dr. Redan and Dr. Reich's web-site is it??? > I thought it was for anyone with ARD. > I think it is nice to try to help people get info. on doctors etc., but > not to be put down if they differ in opinions on matters or even > doctors. > Everyone has a right to their individual opinions and concerns and > should be respected for that. > There is no "perfect" doctor or human being, and no-one can make that > assumption for you. > Everyone is indispensible and human, no-one is Godly by any means. > > We all have choices to make and no-one knows if we will make the right > ones, only pray for the best. > The "best" is?? really knows yet! > Nothing has been proven to be more effective than another long term or > even indefinitely where adhesions are concerned. There are good & bad > results with every technique and every doctor. How do we know if a > "thorough" clean-up is the best or if the "least amount of touching" is > best??? If we knew all of this adhesions wouldn't be such a problem. It > seems to me it is pretty much trial & error. > > Yes, I do think less of an incision would mean less chance of adhesions, > since surgery(hence-cutting)is the main cause of adhesions in the first > place. > There are many doctors who have performed laproscopic procedures for > many years. > There are also some cases (esp. following many abdominal surgeries & > lots of scar tissue) in which laproscopy could be more dangerous than a > laparotomy. There are pros and cons to everything and every procedure, > but one thing's for sure....NO guarantees! > There are allot of un-sympathetic doctors out there, believe me I know > from experience. I am sure there are more than one or two who truely > care and are good though, we just have to find them. > > I am not saying Scranton isn't good at what they do and they definitely > are nice enough (except Miss. Sue), but Scranton does need to > financially get with the times! > They would not sacrifice everything they own, and they do get paid good > money for caring about you and doing a thorough job. > I would think they would want to be noted for the good job they do and > their bed-side manner while accepting most major insurances. This would > truely give them an edge on the other doctors. I am sure "more" doctors > would have much better bed-side manners and adopt newer and more > time-consuming operations if they also could get whatever they want to > charge a patient, with no regards to insurances or patients cost! This > is not practical though, and only the rich could ever get help and be > healthy. Most doctors know this and took an oath to help "all" who > suffer, not just the wealthy. > > I am writing this with hopes of improving this support group, not to > create a war! > > Hopefully still a friend to all of my ARD buddies. > Let's stick together wherever we go or what-ever the situation or > viewpoint!! > JEAN (from PA) > > At Thu, 8 Mar 2001, Christine Mclain wrote: > > > >Jim, I really wanted to respond. I do not think you are being scammed. I > >feel if anyone can help us be pain free it would be Dr.R&R, everyone heals > >differently so what help one will not help the other. As far as the > >insurance girl, and what she said I would say we all human and sometimes say > >things that come out the wrong way without thinking. I feel as long as you > >can except the fact that the surgery might not help, or help for a period of > >time. As you know anytime you have surgery there is a risk that adhesions > >will come back. I will honestly say if I had the money and did not live so > >far away I will be seeing them. I would keep an open mind and whatever you > >decided is best for you ......... > > > >chris >

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