Re: The society

Sun Mar 11 05:01:14 2001

Hi Cheryl, Glad to meet you. I just wanted to say that I think the reason why Dr.'s R&R and Gerhart and Dr. Korrel (sorry, I'm always bad in spelling) in Germany are always being mentioned on this list is because no one has really found other doctors to do "the job" to share with the group. And if there are, we all share in the group. I have just about gone everywhere for a doctor and found that Dr. R&R do put in so much time for us and are still researching and educating other doctors. They educated me on adhesions big time, along with other things. I think that's some of the reasons why they are mentioned lots here on the board. Please, if you do find other doctors - share with the group. ") Hugs and Love, ~Chrissie Damon NH

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