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From: Robin (
Sun Mar 11 08:35:49 2001

This site isn't trying to give business to any particular Dr!! I had surgery with Dr Korell in Germany. I couldn't find a dr in my area that was willling to do surgery on me. I had some drs tell me I had IBS, some drs tell me that adhesions don't cause pain, one dr thought I was just looking for drugs, and I was already taking the amount of meds that a dying patient takes and one dr told me I had already had too many surgeries. I had "lived" the last almost 3 years in bed unable to do much of anything. My husband & kids were doing everything for me! They cooked, cleaned, did laundry, did the shopping. I was at the end of my rope! In March, 2000, I knew that if I didn't get help, I would not live until the end of the year. I didn't want to live any more, because what I was doing wasn't living. I missed out on so much. I changed drs in March 2000. She increased my pain meds, & I was able to start doing a few things on my own. My new Dr believed in me! But, she wasn't a surgeon. I knew my only hope for a real life was to have surgery again. I couldn't find a dr willing to do surgery on me, until I talked to Dr Redan in PA. After I found out the cost of going to PA, I knew I couldn't afford that. Of course, many feel like it doesn't cost that much considering the gain, but for me, that was too expensive of an option. Then I found out the costs of going to Germany. Within a few weeks, I was on my way! I had a wonderful experience going to Germany. Dr Korell is such a nice & caring man. He picked me up at the airport! The surgeries were the easiest that I have ever had. It has been 3 1/2 months since my surgeries. I have very little pain. Most days I don't take any meds at all. I had been on the duragesic pain patch, an anti-inflamatory, equigesic pain med (8 a day), vidocin 10mg (10a day), prescription Motrin, meds to make my intestines work, & prescription laxatives. Now, I don't have to take any of those!! Do I recomed going to Germany to have surgery with Dr Korell?? You bet I do!! He saved my life! He gave me back my life!! Will I ever be debilitated with pain again? There is no guarentee. If I have to have surgery again, I will go back to Germany to have surgery with Dr Korell. I wish everyone could have the experience that I have had. So, I "advertise" for Dr. Korell. Robin


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