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From: CherylCole (
Sat Mar 10 13:35:13 2001

I was very happy to have found this site as I thought it would be very informative to my condition (adhesions) which I did know only a little about. I was hoping to hear stories, condition and results from other members. It seems to be an advertisement site for the dr.s R & R and the one in Germany. I know there MUST be other Dr.s in the USA and elsewhere who are skilled in adhesions, but no one ever seems to mention them! I was also hoping to read negative stories from people whos surgeries didn't help them, as well as success stories. ALOT of the people have had multiple surgeries for the adhesions. This is not encouraging, but it is still useful info. Also as to Regina's post I wish everyone would lay off her!! This is the kind of things we need to know; the bad as well as the good. If we don't hear both sides of things, how can we be knowledgable? This is an open site for everyone to express their opinions.(isn't it) I have only read one other post with a dr. other than these (experts) in Pa. mentioned. Aren't there any other Dr.s skilled in adhesiolisys around. Maybe some in MIchigan where I live would be helpful to me. Everyone says to find surgeons skilled in adhesions, but exactly how do you do that? There isn't a speciality listed for that! What are we to do? I will keep reading this message board as there is some useful info and links listed, but I feel everyone has the right to post their own opinions and feeling without being afraid of retribution from others. P.S. Just MY Opinion


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