Just a simple goodbye

From: Jean (creative@enter.net)
Sun Mar 11 15:17:52 2001

I am just posting this one last time to say goodbye.

I originally just sat back quietly and read posts most of the time. I really feel I should have stayed that way. I did not come on this site to start trouble and I am sorry that it seems I did. The more I tried to carefully think out and state my opinions the more things seemed to get mis-interpreted or mis-understood until things got ugly. I guess I am not that good at talking after-all, so I will shut my mouth. I have become too stressed out and every time I try change the subject and just respond normally to posts it starts all over again.

No, I have not had surgery with Dr. Redan and I didn't think I ever said I had personally experienced his surgery. I also never thought I said or insinuated he did a bad job or didn't do a good job with his surgery. I even told people about their office. Yes, I was scheduled to have surgery with him and met him. I have canceled for someone closer to home, and to have abdominal tests done which I thought was said to be a good thing in order to be safe. No, I wasn't left with a huge balance in the end, since I didn't have the surgery with him to know. Do I know their policy? Yes, after surgery was scheduled I finally got to talk to Sue and was told about the pre-payment. I didn't even have a problem with that but she would not give me a straight answer if that would be all I owed or not after surgery. She would only say if and how much of a balance was due after surgery could and would only be determined after surgery. I was not given any idea on how much or how little could be owed after surgery.

Yes, I have had 4 surgeries elsewhere involving adhesions(which I've stated many times) and have always been good for years afterward and back to a full life again....this past time lasted 12 years. My only problem in the past was diagnosing the source of pain and then finding a surgeon which usually took about 6 months. Was I pain-free forever? No, and I don't know anyone who has been for life. Hopefully the time will come!!! Would I recommend Dr. Redan to anyone who has been thoroughly checked out via tests which all turned up negative or showed suspicious blockages etc. and can afford them?....Yes Am I looking for sympathy, response or supporters?...No, just wanted to answer a few questions before I left. Am I bashing or putting anyone down?.....No, that is and was not my intention. I respect everyone's individual opinions and choices. Will I keep debating?...no. I am sure the site will get back to normal for everyone.

Best wishes and good luck to all of you. I do care about every one of you. Anyone who wants to chat can always email me but I won't respond to debates. I think everything was already debated.

Dr. Weissman I am very sorry for causing a problem on your site. JEAN (from PA)

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