Re: Just a simple goodbye ( Me Two )

From: Browkenwing (
Sun Mar 11 20:30:53 2001

Jean, I totally understand why you are saying Good-Bye because I won't be posting anymore either. I am afraid anything I say might come back to haunt me. I really thought I found a place where people would listen and not judge me for my opinion or my feelings. This was the only place I felt I could turn because nobody else understands how I feel or what I'm going through. I really have learned alot and I will continue to read the posts daily because I care about everyone here!!!! I no longer feel comfortable sharing my feelings on this board which is kinda funny because this is exactly how I feel when I go to all the Dr.s. I have been to. YOU ARE ALL IN MY PRAYERS! BIG PAIN-FREE HUGS ~BROWKENWING~

At Sun, 11 Mar 2001, Jean wrote: >
>I am just posting this one last time to say goodbye.


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