Re: Just a simple goodbye ( Me Two )

From: Millie (
Sun Mar 11 21:04:40 2001

Dear Brokenwing, I will miss hearing from you. I feel so bad that it all had to come down to this. You're right. The site was supposed to be for support for those of us suffering from the pain, and anguish of ARD. Yes, it is hard to say what you feel because of possibly offending someone. It's truly a shame. I have been to countless Drs., too. I've probably lost count. I would like to keep in touchwith you, if that's o.k. I always looked for and appreciated everyone's support. Millie

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> Jean, I totally understand why you are saying Good-Bye
> because I won't be posting anymore either. I am afraid
> anything I say might come back to haunt me. I really
> thought I found a place where people would listen and
> not judge me for my opinion or my feelings. This was the only place I
> felt I could turn because nobody else understands how I feel or what I'm
> going through. I really
> have learned alot and I will continue to read the posts daily because I
> care about everyone here!!!! I no longer
> feel comfortable sharing my feelings on this board which is kinda funny
> because this is exactly how I feel when I go to
> all the Dr.s. I have been to. YOU ARE ALL IN MY PRAYERS!
> At Sun, 11 Mar 2001, Jean wrote:
> >
> >I am just posting this one last time to say goodbye.
> >
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> ~Brokenwing~

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