Re: Just a simple goodbye ( Me Two )

From: Kate Murphy (
Mon Mar 12 06:50:22 2001

On 11 Mar 2001, at 21:33, Browkenwing wrote:

> Jean, I totally understand why you are saying Good-Bye
> because I won't be posting anymore either. I am afraid
> anything I say might come back to haunt me. I really
> thought I found a place where people would listen and
> not judge me for my opinion or my feelings.

Dear Brokenwing and everyone else,

I've been on the Internet for over 5 years now, posting to several lists on a daily basis. It has been my way of coping with multiple illness -- and it has helped!

The first time I was caught up in a flame war (and, dear sisters, this is a very tame skirmish we have here) I was terribly upset and frightened. After a while I realized that very little that people could say could hurt me. I would say lots of things that people disagreed with, be misunderstood because I was writing faceless, and even say things that unintentionally hurt folks. Most of all, there would be times I WOULD BE WRONG.

Since being wrong meant too much to me, I was scared most of that.

Now I realize that I am wrong very often, but it is better to risk that than give up the support and strength I need so badly.

Some ideas: if you are worried that you will be contacted by people you'd rather not hear from, avoid putting in the city where you live. NEVER post a phone number and rarely an address. If you want someone to know them and you really, really trust them, then send via private e-mail.

Use an anonymous name. It's OK to be that person you wish you were.

And, if you receive a phone call from someone you'd rather not talk to, say "I'm sorry I don't talk to people from the Internet." Hang up.

If you continue to receive phone calls you don't want, call the police and the phone company.

We're stronger than we know! We can continue to support each other and protect ourselves at the same time.

We are pursuing the snow record here, and now every flake is welcomed and counted. We're at 187 inches. The seasonal record is 192 -- and the upstate record, held by those sinister folks in Buffalo, is 199. So, I am enjoying this one lovely sunny day and hoping for clouds to gather and snow to fall.

Love to all,


Kate Murphy

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