Mon Mar 12 08:58:21 2001

I do believe that the IAS Board will heal thyself. I have been at the board for almost a year now and have offered to be an ARD volunteer, but I am not writing as an ARD volunteer, but solely to express my own opinion. I would like to explain "in my own words only," why those that entered the board would possibly think it was only a promotional board for Drs. Redan & Reich. At the time that I became a member, there were no other doctors that had the expertise to perform an adhesiolysis procedure laproscopically with the success rate that Dr. Reich and Redan were having. So when one would ask who were the best doctors to see those were the names given. Now if asked, a few other doctors names have been added to the list as qualified surgeons. The members here welcome information about doctors that have the expertise and specialization in laproscopic adhesiolysis. Dr. Korell and Dr. Redwine's names are also given. The IAS members with the education and experience were solely here to try to protect ARD sufferers from seeking surgery from unqualified surgeons who would operate and leave those in worse condition than before the operation. The horror stories are here, back in the archives, of women being cut so horribly and so many times that they can't even be operated on again and are turned away from surgeons, telling them they can no longer be helped. That is why one would think that this board only promoted certain doctors, was because at the time, they were the only qualified surgeons to do this operation. Dr. Reich spends a lot of his time now teaching other doctors how to perform this operation in the least invasive way, and other names will be added. When one posts, "please help me, I am scared to death of just being referred to just any surgeon who may operate on me and leave me worse off then I am now." There were members here that knowing the horror stories were only here to help protect you from this happening to you.

Another question asked was, "my GYN never heard of these doctors." I find that almost unbelievable unless these GYN's have never taken the time to read the American Medical Journal, or did any research on adhesiolysis procedures. My GYN heard of him in Baltimore when I said that I was going to see Dr. Reich, he said, "Dr. Harry Reich."

Unfortunately, because of the money situation, many people after being given the names of the surgeons that were qualified, felt helpless and frustrated because they were not able to afford to see the most qualified doctors, and sometimes their frustration was written on the board.

I do see part of the problem as being the health care system as it is today. I see a Pain Specialist who will no longer take insurance. I was referred to a Physical Therapist who no longer takes insurance, but who also asked for payment up front, a PT, I couldn't believe it.

If you look today, you will see new members asking for the names of qualified surgeons, Whose names would you give?

In Love & Friendship,

Helen Chalmers

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