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From: Wally - (
Mon Mar 12 17:27:47 2001

Hi Trace,

I know what you mean! Yes I have felt that way too, after my last daughter was born. It was a very difficult pregnancy & I was in & out of hospital with incredible pain.

After she was born, the pain disappearded and didn't return in that form until just before my hystorectomy in Feb 2000. It felt really weird to be pain free, and I would often feel the colour drain from my face as I found myself doing something that had previously caused intense pain. I also started to question myself, because after extensive testing they couldn't figure out what the pain was. I used to say that the baby had her toes wrapped aroung my insides & her little fists held tight to something else! (Guess what I was describing!)That also made it difficult for me after she was born, I started to question how I really felt....was the pain all in my head?

It took some time to get over this, in the end I got a job and I got so busy with work & family, I didn't have time to think about it.

My suggestion? Try and find something that interests you (with a passion) and get stuck into it! Your mind will be so excited to be doing something it has yearned for, your body will join the party! If that doesn't work, then visit the Doctor again. It's great that you have an appointment on Wednesday. Ask the Doc about my theory......see what he/she thinks?

Don't EVER feel guilty about being pain free & telling us about it! Without those who are pain free telling us, where do we draw our hope from?

Best Wishes Trace........stay pain free and please.....don't stop telling us that you are! Joanne (Wally)

You will never never know.......if you don't give it a go :)

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