Re: rough time

From: Jo Eslick (
Mon Mar 12 18:45:54 2001

Hey Chris,

I had a hystorectomy in February 2001, and have had pain ever since. I now have "lost" ovaries......incased in scar tissue. I see the surgeon tomorrow about my options, but I don't know if I want more surgery.

He suspects endometriosis, but couldn't find any sign of it 6 weeks ago during a laperoscopy. He said the same thing as your doctor, that it could be inside the adhesions!

Don't apologise for rambling! You should see the length of some of my messages! LOL It is painful, I had a VERY bad night with it last night, and a couple of very nice ladies helped me through the worst of it (thanks Suze! you are a legend.....thnx Trace OX). Thats what this board is all about.

I'll let you know what happens after I see the Doctor tomorrow,

Cheers & hugs, Jo (Wally)

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