rough time

From: chris (
Mon Mar 12 18:09:05 2001

Hello Everyone, I have not wrote in a while, life has been alittle hard for me right now. I had a TAH,BSO and ovarian remnant removed DEC 8,2000, well about a week and a half a ago I been back to the doctor because I started to have a really bad pain in my left side the doctor found out that now I have an ovarian cyst, and again I have ovarian remnant again, he took out the piece because I saw the pathlogy report I just was so mad because it is hard enought to deal with the adhesions but now I have to deal with this cyst and it is so painful, it hurts to sit on my butt. I go back on the 22nd for another exam and if it is still there then we will talk about options. I also found out something interesting from my last surgery the pathlogy showed endometriosis when they took out the ovarian remnant, I questioned the doctor and he said he never saw any but since I have dense adhesions it would be hard to. I guess I need to write down all my questions and try to make sence of everything going on....On top of all this my husband had to leave to go to school for 3 weeks and now I am trying to take care of 2 young kids and deal with pain, I am trying so hard not to have them suffer for me being in pain..thanks for listening to me ramble ......chris

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