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From: jenny low (
Wed Mar 14 02:15:17 2001

Dear Rose,

Welcome to the IAS. It is good that you have decided to post. Your postings will help others.

I had a total abdominal hysterectomy June 2000. I had pain when I went for my follow up appointments too and was told the same thing. It was healing pain. Well, it never went away. It was just annoying pain for the first couple of months. By November it was very aggravating but still tolerable. By January, I was in bed on a heating pad actually sandwiched between 2 heating pads. My pain is in the lower left side, down the front of my left leg, my back, especially the lower back and sacrum area, and sometimes I get shooting pains or just pain down the back of both legs. I had surgery again but laparoscopically on Feb 16. I had swelling in my upper abdomen which caused a real bad pressure feeling for about the 1st week after surgery. I had back minimal pain as well from the time of surgery. The back pain never went away but has intensified. And after the first week of surgery the pain in my lower left side has returned. It has intensified in the last 2 days. I did not sleep at all last night. I was able to sleep some off and on today due to exhaustion. I am really hurting very badly.

Friday I went for my post op and they ended up doing the CT on me. I posted about that on Friday so I won't go into all that again. I have not heard back from the surgeon yet. Today I have had a horrible time with what I guess is acid reflux. ANd now tonight I am achy, nauseated, and breaking out in sweats. This seems more like the flu though because my ears have been hurting and my eyes burning like when you have a fever. But that on top of my side and back hurting so bad is too much for me right now. I think I will call the surgeon in the morning.

If you are still experiencing pain after your surgery and it's been this long, I would think it is adhesions. Especially if the pain seems to be getting worse. Healing pains would be slowing down and not as intense. And how long has it been since the surgery? Didn't you say 2 years? That is a long time to be experiencing healing pains. Anyway, healing pains would gradually go away not become worse. I think I would be a little more pushy with that doctor. Persistance can really pay off sometimes. If you are in pain then you are entitled to pain relief that works. That is stated in the Patients Bill of Rights. You should be able to find this from a few weeks ago in the archives. I think I would print it off and show it to my doctor if she tried to give you a ard time about it.

I hope this has helped in some way. I hope that youfind your answers and get some relief for your pain. No one should have to live in pain. Let us know the outcome of what happens. My thoughts are with you.

Love, Jenny

>From: (Rose )
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>Subject: Newbie
>Date: Tue, 13 Mar 2001 12:56:47 -0600
>Hi, I'm new to this board. I've had a partial hysterectomy, then had a
>laparoscopy to remove cystic ovaries, adhesions and endometriosis.
>Now,I've been having pain ever since I had an appendectomy 2 years ago.
>I had told the doctor that I was prone to adhesions and I would prefer
>to have my surgery done with a laparoscope, but as soon as he got me
>under......he opened me up!
>The doctor that did my surgery said that the pain 2 weeks later was just
>from my body's healing process. It wasn't that bad and it wasn't
>steady, so I shrugged my shoulders and went on. Recently (past two
>months), the pain has gotten worse, in my lower right side and into my
>right leg and I have been having trouble with my BMs. I've lost twelve
>pounds in 3 weeks (not that I don't have it to lose!) but that's not a
>good way to do it. My internist is of the school that if my bowel isn't
>totally obstructed, nothing should be done. She sent me to have an
>ultrasound of my abdomen (not where the pain is) and all they found was
>some polyps in my gall bladder which they said they don't do anything
>about. She also gave me a drug to keep my colon from made
>my eyes blur and gave me a vile headache, plus blocking me from having a
>BM and, Lord, is the pain bad today. I am so angry at my doctor for
>making me have to nag and push and practically scream to have something
>done. I even asked for a referral to a pain mgmt clinic, but she wants
>to rule out everything else first (I can agree with ruling out other
>things, BUT!). I tell her that Tylenol does not hack it and I can't
>very well take a heating pad to work. All I hear is wait.....
>I've been reading this board for a couple of weeks but until now I
>didn't feel like participating. This seems like a good place to vent.
>rose in kcmo

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