Update on Tami's dad

From: jenny low (jenklow@hotmail.com)
Wed Mar 14 03:08:36 2001

Hi all,

I asked everyone to please pray for Tami's dad. Well I got this email from her today. This is what she had to say.

Tami says: "My dad got to come home from the hospital on Saturday, but he is not doing too well.. he is having ALOT of problems with his bowels and the doc said if he doesn't start to get better by the mid week then he will have to go back in the hospital for extensive testing to find out why he isn't better =*( I am SO scared Jen, I have spent all my time at his house except for to pick up the boys then go back over to stay the night... he is SO weak and for some reason that I don't even understand, his memory is gone! He asked me on Monday "I had surgery?? WHEN?" and I was stunned.. after I told him about it, then he remembered...I do NOT understand this =*( My dad has always been strong and very sharp with memory and things... He is SO unlike my dad right now and I am going nuts! So... I don't know when I will be back home for good... it all depends on how my dad does."

Please keep them in your prayers. I will let you know if I hear anymore from Tami and how her dad is. They really do need your prayers though.

Love, Jenny

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