Re: UKAS CHAT ROOM Helen & Sally

From: KathFindlay (
Wed Mar 14 19:49:23 2001

Helen sorry I took so long to get back to you I am sifting through 2.633 emails. Three weeks worth, I have been in hospital and spent some time with my daughter in Edinburgh. When you first go into the chat room there is a grey square, It should just take a few mins to change into a blue box with a space for your name and connect button. We had to change the server because AOL and CompuServe were banned by the last one. Please try again and let me know how you get on. Because it is new and its open 24hrs its best to arrange a time with some of your friends to be there at the same time or you could end up by yourself. One bit of advice for when you get your own chat room set up. Make sure it is a secure one like ours and not open to Joe Public. I have been in a few times and it is good fun. Love Kath

Sally, I have no Idea what the problem was. The chat room is a secure one. Did you have any other programmes running at the same time? Sorry, perhaps you could try again. Love Kath


Dear Kath:

I can't seem to get into the chat room. Once I click on the chat room I am getting a large gray window and nothing else to click on.

Helen Chalmers

Helen Chalmers

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