Re: Incredibly humbling story

From: Helen Gibson (
Wed Mar 14 20:13:42 2001

Karla, Rikam and Jackie, I have to say, when I read your stories, I sat here and cried for you all, you guys deserve a medal for being so strong and open. Your courage in the face of your illness is amazing, I too feel very humbled and honored that you would share your very personal stories here with us, I will view my problems alot differently knowing what I know now,life is far too short. with love Helen G

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> I am with Sally,
> I feel very humbled and hope that miracles come your way. Thank you for
> being so open and telling us about your stories. It has put many things
> into perspective for me.
> love & hugs
> Jo (Wally)
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> >Dear "rikam" and Karla, Your stories make me ashamed of myself. I
> >thought I had it so bad with the pain I'm in and the limitations on
> >activities, but you two are heros in my eyes. Maybe if you two can still
> >get through your days I should stop crying and look at the bright side
> >of my life. It sounds like you both have love in your life.May good luck
> >and miracles finally come your way. Sally

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