Our dear sweet Janet

From: jenny low (jenklow@hotmail.com)
Thu Mar 15 03:25:11 2001

Hello everyone,

I just thought maybe I would give you an update on our sweet Janet. She emailed me Tuesday and said that she had been throwing up bile since about 5am. She couldn't even keep a sip of water down. She made it to PA okay. She then either saw Dr. Redan at his office or talked to him on the phone. He had her go to the ER where he gave her some Zofran for the nausea and I think she said some IV fluids. I'm sorry if I get any of this info wrong. I am trying to remember. She said that they think she at least has a partial blockage. It seems it couldn't be better timing for her surgery. Her mom emailed me Wednesday and said that Janet was able to keep down some Jello and was resting. I just want to remind everyone that her surgery is scheduled for Thursday at 12 noon. I talked to her sister last night who said she might not even get into the OR until around 1:30. But I just thought I would let you know what I know because Janet is so precious to me and I'm sure to you as well.

I really hope I got all this info right. If I've goofed a little I am sorry. It's been a rough week for me. But I do ask that you please keep lifting her up in your thoughts and prayers. As soon as I hear more I will let you know. Her mom and or her sister are supposed to either call me or email me to let me know how her surgery goes. So as soon as I hear, you will too. Take care everyone and have a great, hopefully pain free day.

Love to all, Jenny

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