Re: Our dear sweet Janet

From: toni welsh (
Thu Mar 15 10:37:20 2001

At Thu, 15 Mar 2001, jenny low wrote: >
>Hello everyone,
>I just thought maybe I would give you an update on our sweet Janet. She
>emailed me Tuesday and said that she had been throwing up bile since about
>5am. She couldn't even keep a sip of water down. She made it to PA okay. She
>then either saw Dr. Redan at his office or talked to him on the phone. He
>had her go to the ER where he gave her some Zofran for the nausea and I
>think she said some IV fluids. I'm sorry if I get any of this info wrong. I
>am trying to remember. She said that they think she at least has a partial
>blockage. It seems it couldn't be better timing for her surgery. Her mom
>emailed me Wednesday and said that Janet was able to keep down some Jello
>and was resting. I just want to remind everyone that her surgery is
>scheduled for Thursday at 12 noon. I talked to her sister last night who
>said she might not even get into the OR until around 1:30. But I just
>thought I would let you know what I know because Janet is so precious to me
>and I'm sure to you as well.
>I really hope I got all this info right. If I've goofed a little I am sorry.
>It's been a rough week for me. But I do ask that you please keep lifting her
>up in your thoughts and prayers. As soon as I hear more I will let you know.
>Her mom and or her sister are supposed to either call me or email me to let
>me know how her surgery goes. So as soon as I hear, you will too. Take care
>everyone and have a great, hopefully pain free day.
>Love to all,


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