Re: I am in terrible PAIN

Fri Mar 16 03:06:49 2001

Thank you so much everyone for your support, It is so good to be able to speak to people who are in your own situation. Thank you so much Jo and Karen for your advice. It means a lot to me to know that someone cares. I have been to so many doctors and they all refuse me pain meds, and I have been dealing with these adhesions for a long time too. You would think they would understand, but unfortunately they don't. I was up all night in tears, ready to go to the ER, but I hate troubling people to take me. They are so tired of my problem. I live alone so it is hard for me to get around, I guess I could call a taxi. Again, thank you so much you guys, you don't know how much this board means to me.

Love Stacey

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