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From: Rose Lunn (
Fri Mar 16 12:38:00 2001


My husband has seen me go through so much and has remained supportive, lucky me. Unfortunately, he gets very angry with the doctors if he thinks they are not doing all they can. This caused quite a bit of stress in our marriage and to counter it, I got him to come to a therapy session with me. Took me a while to get him to do it but I have a real good lady therapist and she made it clear that it was OK to get mad, it is OK to not want to talk about it with me.....but that it was NOT OK to take it out on me. She suggested he talk it over with his brothers, his friends or whoever would let him vent if he felt that he couldn't talk to me without getting me upset. I'm not sure whom he talks to now but I do know he must be talking to someone, because he will tell me now when he is frustrated and angry without his blood pressure zooming up and his face getting red. He can talk to me now.....maybe once he got used to talking it's easier on him now.

I think too many men are not taught how to talk about things that upset them. So, maybe your husband just doesn't know how! Do you have anybody he trusts enough to ask him?

I hope you can get him talking somehow. These things actually strengthened our marriage, but it's entirely possible that I am just extremely lucky!

kcmo rose

At Fri, 16 Mar 2001, wrote: >
>Thanks for your email Sally....I wonder why our spouses had enough. Or won't
>listen anymore and want to talk about it. I have put myself in his shoes and
>I think I know what he's going through. I take my wedding vows seriously -
>but if I can't talk about it with him, there's something wrong. ARGHHHH
>It will be the future there will be a cure of adhesions. Just
>take one pill and they will melt away. Well, I can still dream can't I? ")
>Love and Hugs,
>~Chrissie xo's

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