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From: jackie burgess (
Fri Mar 16 14:28:37 2001

HI sally & chrissie have read ur email and i can whole heartedly agree with you, I am very fortunate I have an extremely, wonderful, caring and compassionate husband who tries his utmost to support me and my children through this condition, BUT it is me that feels guilty, about how much stress i put upon him, as i write this i am in alot of pain and i even find myself shouting ranting raving, etc etc, basically very frustrated at OUR situation 'we' r in. The hardest guilt to bear is our s*x life, i know this is a delicate subject but it is a very fundamental(i'm not saying the most important) part of any relationship. even the silliest of tasks that i cant do, he does without any complaints,

I have found that since being on my new medication, for a while, the pain was bearable, now, after being back on it two months, i'm finding myself having to crawl up the stairs to bed, BUT god bless my hubby he never complains THEY ARE THE SILENT VITIMS OF THIS TERRIBLE CONDITION. ' god bless our partners'

in kindness (stickybits) Jackie B england

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Thanks for your email Sally....I wonder why our spouses had enough. Or won't listen anymore and want to talk about it. I have put myself in his shoes and I think I know what he's going through. I take my wedding vows seriously - but if I can't talk about it with him, there's something wrong. ARGHHHH It will be the future there will be a cure of adhesions. Just take one pill and they will melt away. Well, I can still dream can't I? ") Love and Hugs, ~Chrissie xo's NH

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