Re: percentages of women with adhesions

From: Sally Grigg (
Sat Mar 17 14:04:45 2001

Dear Rosie, I just read on the UK site, that after taking a study they found that 15 %(FIFTEEN PERCENT) of post op hysterectomy women had adhesions with lasting, ongoing pain. That gave me pause for thought. Maybe a massive study in this country conducted by unbiased, legitmate scientists would uncover an ugly truth. Love, Sally Grigg

Rosie wrote:

> Hi Michelle! I'm Rosie, and I'm new here too. I'm SO VERY thankful that I've
> found this group. You have all been more help to me already than you can
> possibly know. I haven't felt too well for awhile and am behind on answering
> posts, but I want you all to know I've appreciated your comments, advice,
> your stories, and just knowing that you all are here and that I'm not alone
> in this. Until I found this list I really was beginning to feel like I was
> totally alone with this. Every doctor I've seen has told me that I'm in the
> 1% of women that have this kind of problem after a Hysterectomy. It makes me
> feel like a freak and that I should apologize for not healing "correctly".
> Anyway, I will try to find time over the weekend to read the archives and
> catch up on some posts. Please bear with me if I don't answer everyone
> promptly - I'm rather slow sometimes, but your replies to my introduction
> were most appreciated.
> Rosie

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> > Hi everyone~ I am so glad I have found this site. It is such a releif
> > that I know that there are others out there with the same problems as I.
> > I have felt alone for such a long time with no one fully understanding
> > what I feel. I have fought with this thing for about 4 years fully. 2
> > years actually knowing what it is. I had 2 C-Secions that resulted in
> > the adhesions. In 98 I had a lap. that ended up being a exporitory
> > surgury. So another adominal surgury they just followed the dotted
> > line.:) I was pain-free for about 4 months with wonderful expectations
> > but unforutnatly it did not last long. Thank goodness my doctor was
> > honest with me and said that more surgury would probally result in more
> > and that would be a vicous cycle. So that would be a decision I would
> > have to seriosly think about. I am in pain everyday and have to take
> > pain pills to get through the day till at least 6pm when dinner and
> > homework is done. Otherwise I spend alot of time resting. I know alot
> > of you know the drill. I want to thank you all for the wonderful info
> > that is on and around this site.

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