Re: Good to hear from you again..

From: Sally Grigg (
Sat Mar 17 14:39:41 2001

Dear Regina, try reading the UK site, also. They say that after a recent survey 15% of women are adhesion/pain victims after abdominal surgury (mainly hysterectomies). Maybe, I'm missing something here, but that's a lot more that the 1% this country claims. Good luck to you and never give up. Love, SALLY "Regina T." wrote:

> I spent last night, and I mean all night reading about everyone on the
> quilt. I posted my own information and read on. For the first time in
> so many years I don't feel alone. I cried through most of them as I
> feel the same exact pain and frustration as all of you do. Being a
> medical student I have attempted to research my condition but the
> medical community is so reluctant to "seriously" confront this issue. I
> am so glad to know that there are other "normal" people who truly suffer
> daily as I do. I am scared to death that this is a life sentance for me
> and any relief I get from surgery is lasting a shorter and shorter time.
> I thought I did well if I made it a year, then it was 9 months, then 4
> and now 8 weeks post-op. I am truly scared--I know too much about
> medicine and the risks of every invasive procedure and all the meds. I
> am hoping at least this way to get support and provide it too will
> help--I am desperate for the help. My prayers and sincere best thoughts
> and wishes to all of you, hang in there, tomorrow won't neccesarrily be
> better but we are not alone.
> --
> Regina D.Tartaglia
> Langhorne, PA

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