Re: vacuum

From: Sally Grigg (
Sun Mar 18 13:11:48 2001

Dear Chrissy, I am not offended by the word sucks at all, but when you live in an Inn there are all types of people who are offended by all types of things. So you do your best to please. I didn't mean to hurt your feelings at all. I love you. Sally wrote:

> Sally,
> HUH? You didn't like me saying the word sucks as a description? I
> don't
> believe that word is a swear or inappropriate the way I used it - just
> a way
> of me trying to describe how I feel. It was not to offend anyone - my
> God if
> I wanted to offend everyone I would use the other words that you don't
> want
> to see and they are so much worse that the word suck. Just be direct
> and
> please let me know next time my words offend you, please don't beat
> around
> the bush.
> Hugs and Love to you Sally and everyone
> ~Chrissie xo's

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