Re: mind boggled

From: Janet (
Sun Mar 18 13:35:47 2001

Dear Andy,

I don't know if my words will help you but I wanted to write. I am new to this Endo thing. I know alot of people have had it on this board, but I only just found out I did. I went in for an adhesiolysis, and low and behold they found a couple of in paticular was a monster...but the big and unexpexted finding was 4th sage endo, it was everywhere and it was exiced by my more endo.

My understanding of endo has been not a very good one, because I've heard of so many women with recurring problems whith endo, I am told by my doctors that this is because the endo was not completely taken out. Once it is completely exised it doesn't come back.

Tell us where you are from, maye someone knows of a doctor in your area who can take care of this for you once and for all, you should not have to suffer so long.

Seems many doctors have many ways of treating endo...I didn't have time before my surgery to really research it, I was too busy researching adhesions, but now I am very curious and interested and will be learning alot more about it.

We're all here to support you, and help you through this...I'm glad you found us!



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