Re: mind boggled

From: Todd Palmer (
Sun Mar 18 17:09:08 2001

Hi and welcome to this wonderful site. I, like Chrissy have had pain since I started my period at 12. I don't think I was born with it though, at least they never said I was. When they first discovered it by lap they just didn't remove it all. If they would have, they wouldn't have found it like they did on 2 other laps. They tried me on every drug known to man at the time and nothing worked. Lupron had just come out at that time and my doctor called the company who makes it and said he had a candidate for the shots. They agreed to pay the $100 per shot to "test" it on me. After only 3 shots I had had enough. I was 28 and experiencing full blown menopause. I was such a witch that I couldn't stand to be around me! The hot flashes, night sweats and crabbiness were more than I or anyone around me could take. When my doctor called them and told them it didn't work, they did not believe him. It had always worked before they said. He told them again and stopped the shots. He tried everything else for the next 4 years with no results. He said the only other suggestion was for me to get pregnant and have another child. My son was 7 and I was not yet remarried so I obviously declined. He said that pregnancy stops the pain and the bleeding and gives your insides time to heal. Sounds like a contradiction to me but what do I know! I remarried and my husband and I agreed not to have any more children. Our sons were both the same age. At the age of 32, after exhausting all other options (or so it seemed), I decided to have a hys. He did a total abdominal hys.-took everything. I did not want him to leave my ovaries because I knew that they would cause all kinds of problems in the future and I vowed that that would be the last time I ever had surgery. Little did I know that the adhesions had something to say about that. (I have since had 3 more laps) No one had ever mentioned adhesions to me and that they could be causing all of the pain I had been having for all of those years. While I guess overall I don't regret the hys., I do wish that I had known all of the facts before I made my decision. I will be on Estratest (hrt) for the rest of my life. I ran out of them 2 weeks ago for 2 days and had the hot flashes and night sweats immediately. It was horrible. I am only 36 and NOT ready to deal with that on a daily basis. Are you married? Do you want to have children? Ask your doctor what his/her feelings are on pregnancy and endo. They told me the older I got, the harder it would be to get pregnant with the endo. Your doctor might have a totally different opinion on that. My doctor told me point blank that pregnancy or hys. were my only 2 options. I am hoping for other women that face this that there are other choices out there. Whatever your decision is, know that we are all here to offer you support and love. We have all been there (unfortunately) and really do understand. Glad you found us! (Is your name Andy?) Love Lisa

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