mind boggled

From: andy (andy362@yahoo.com)
Sun Mar 18 09:44:40 2001


I'm new to this site... I need advice....

When I was 12 I had cysts on my ovaries and then when I was 14 had endo it had spread to my abdominal cavity, we did a lap and got rid of it. I then began the dopo shot and had no problems until last fall. I'm 21 now and have no children. In october I was put in the hospital, for three days I was running a temp and the doctors didn't seem to know what was wrong. Finally they did a lap, and I had endo again, it was spread to my colon, abdominal cavity, it was everywhere. So they decided to put me on lupron after the surgery. At $420 these suicide shots have proven to be worthless to me. They cause severe depression, etc. Well I just had surgery again on Wednesday after three months of lupron i had endo again and my tubes and ovaries were covered in adhesions. They also did a cone on me because I have moderate dysplasia. I go in the office on wednesday to discuss new options. Is there anyone who has been through this and does not have children yet. I'm not sure what my options are other then a hysterectomy. HELP!!!

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