From: Leni Chalmers (
Sun Mar 18 21:31:45 2001

Thanks Chrissie for asking Jackie to contact me. I am willing to try to help any ARD sufferer. Unfortunately, I am having trouble finding pain specialists for us here in the US (as you are well aware) and haven't even tried to reach abroard. I wish I did have contacts, but we are still battling to find one doctor per state here in the US. I pray everynight that I will be able to find assistance for those that are contacting me now, and find such heartache when I realize that not every state has one doctor to help them. I will keep waging the war with those at the ASAP (American Society Against Pain) site, they certaily know who we are now (The IAS, The ARD sufferers), but they haven't been able to win the battle for those of us in the Untied States yet. So Jackie, as much as I wish that I could help you, I have no contacts in England (I do believe that is what I read), or beyond the US. Thanks for thinking of me Chrissie, and I have been thinking about you too. I have great big growls for your pain doc!! Oh, how I wish you could meet mine, what a difference a state makes.



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