Re: Viseral Massage

From: Adonna Pruette, MT (
Mon Mar 19 19:01:07 2001

First off, to be completely ethical, I will let you know that I am myself, a massage therapist in Charlotte, NC. Now on to your comments. The visceral massage that you refer to is a part of two advanced massage therapy programs offered by different groups. I have seen a session of visceral massage performed in person by the founder of one of these systems, and while it is deep in a sense, it appeared gentle. It is not something that they just 'dive' into, so to speak. I will also say that it is not massage as one thinks of in the normal sense when they think of going to the spa for a relaxation massage. This is a whole different ballgame, so to speak. Now, as to it's effectiveness for your particular situation that would really be impossible to say without talking to you more about your particular situation and if everything still seemed very doable after that, doing a hands-on evaluation. It would depend on the severity of your adhesions, among other things. I will say this. It would not necessarily have to be visceral massage ro reduce scar tissue and adhesions. I have my own personal experience from an exploratory laparotomy that resulted in some issues for me in regard to scar tissue, numbness, and mild pain. About two years later, I was in massage therapy school at the time for advanced training in neuromuscular therapy. After seeking out private treatment, I am happy to say that my symptoms subsided. That was almost two years ago. Now, treatment of scar tissue problems is on the top of my list for treatment for my own clients, simply because it was a personal issue of mine. My suggestion would be to talk more to the therapist about their training. See if they have had other training within the same group that they learned the visceral massage from. It is not the sort of thing that can be taken out of context when it comes to learning it. I hope this helped. Feel free to contact me privately if I can be of any more assistance. Sincerely, Adonna Pruette, M.T.

At Sat, 24 Feb 2001, Jennine wrote: >
>I have another question.
>My mother has a reflexologist who claims she can cure my pelvic pain
>(due to adhesions, I believe) through a technique called viseral
>massage. Has anyone heard of this or have tried it? I cannot imagine
>anyone doing a deep massage in my pelvic area. I would leap off the
>table in pain! Yet, she says in a one and a half hour session, I would
>have relief.
>Wow! Here I've been suffering all these months when I could have had a
>massage! It sounds too good to be true.
>Any thoughts?

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