Re: Multiple recipients etc.

From: Sally Grigg (
Mon Mar 19 19:37:56 2001

Dear Helen (Leni) Chalmers, what is multiple recipents of list adhesions, etc.? Thanks, Sally Grigg

Leni Chalmers wrote:

> Thanks Chrissie for asking Jackie to contact me. I am willing to try to
> help any ARD sufferer. Unfortunately, I am having trouble finding pain
> specialists for us here in the US (as you are well aware) and haven't
> even tried to reach abroard. I wish I did have contacts, but we are
> still battling to find one doctor per state here in the US. I pray
> everynight that I will be able to find assistance for those that are
> contacting me now, and find such heartache when I realize that not every
> state has one doctor to help them. I will keep waging the war with
> those at the ASAP (American Society Against Pain) site, they certaily
> know who we are now (The IAS, The ARD sufferers), but they haven't been
> able to win the battle for those of us in the Untied States yet. So
> Jackie, as much as I wish that I could help you, I have no contacts in
> England (I do believe that is what I read), or beyond the US. Thanks
> for thinking of me Chrissie, and I have been thinking about you too. I
> have great big growls for your pain doc!! Oh, how I wish you could meet
> mine, what a difference a state makes.
> Leni(Helen)Chalmers
> --
> Leni(Helen)Chalmers

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