Re: New Adhesions Sufferer Seeking Support

From: Helen Chalmers (
Tue Mar 20 09:48:18 2001

Dear Missy:

Tell them you will be there Friday to pick them up as you need them now, not 3 to 7 weeks from now. They are holding up your right to seek medial care. I am sure there is a law against this. Tell them if they don't have the time to copy them you would be happy to copy them yourself as you need them immediately, and you really do. You cannot even make an appointment without your medicals and a referral!!! If you have problems I will be happy to step in as your Patient Advocate for the IAS. I will need you to complete a form for me that I can fax to them that will allow me to speak in your behalf to the secretaries or your doctor. Please email me if you need to at


Leni Chalmers

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