Re: New Adhesions Sufferer Seeking Support

Tue Mar 20 09:16:51 2001

Chrissie: I am not sure why I am having problems getting the records. They faxed me a form, I filled it out and mailed it back in. They said it would be 3-7 weeks before I got them. That's ludicrous!!! I could walk there and back before they got here. I've persistently called and get obnoxious remarks like "You aren't the only patient here" or "You aren't being patient, it takes time to get everything together" etc. I need my medical records for alot of reasons, but one of the main reasons is because I am going to a pain management clinic recommended by ASAP and the dr needs my medical records ofcourse. I would also like them because during one visit I managed to glance at some radiology reports that mentioned the adhesions in the intestine and bowel but most notably there was a reference to the presence of surgical clips. I've tried to find out why these were in there and I can't get a straight answer and am now wondering if these too are causing my problems. After the latest circus at the surgical clinic there was some mention of the adhesions possibly being on my spine and that is why I have tingling in my arms and legs. I don't know, I am very confused, very angry, very frustrated, and very very scared. I am thankful for this group and the support I am receiving so far. Thank you.

**HUGS** Missy

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