Re: News About Tammie Habhegger

From: Dee (
Wed Mar 21 15:36:06 2001

Hi Chrissie,

Thanks for letting us know about Tammie. She will certainly be in my thoughts and prayers. Please post an update when you hear more news. Dee At Wed, 21 Mar 2001, Chrissie Damon wrote: >
>One of our new posters to the IAS board, Tammie Habhegger, (email -
>Tammietigger)has gone to the emergency room this morning with complete
>bowel obstruction. She is in a very, very serious condition. She was
>scheduled for emergency surgery this morning.
>Tammie is fighting for her life right now, I ask for prayers for her and
>her doctor.
>Lord, may you guide Tammie's doctors hands and give him/her the
>knowledge to take care of her. I lift Tammie up to you Lord for quick
>healing and energy to help her pull through this. In His Name I pray -
>~Chrissie Damon xo's

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