Re: I need to have a crying party.......anyone got an extra ear with a few to...

From: Brenda (
Thu Mar 22 09:58:53 2001

Missy Coping is the hardest part. My family finally realized when I was in a coma, on a vetalator, and given only a 5% chance f survival that this is really serious stuff! My husband get so upset and has really hung in there.Like everyone here, I have good days and bad. My last surgery was a year ago, and I went clear to LA (3,000 miles from home) even though I have a feeling the adhsions are coming back, I would do it all over again. Your family and friends need to know this is a cronic condition. Just like many other diseases. It just has not been established yet. Thats what we are here for. Good luck, I am sure someday we all will be eard. Brenda

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