Immune system

From: niko (
Thu Mar 22 09:52:05 2001

Clear DayHello everyone ;-))

I have been having a lot of difficulty adjusting to living without constant pain. Your whole life revolves around it. Your friends and your family, partners and your children. So, what kind of adjustments do they have to make too? I decided to ask my partner. I thought I should share this with you, maybe it will help someone else understand how hard it can be for them too ;-)

His answer was not what I expected to tell you the truth. He said that when I was in pain, he felt helpless. That's fair enough. But he also explained that getting me a cup of tea, and heating up my wheat bag, made him feel pathetic. These little things made him feel like he couldn't protect me from it, or make any big difference. He still had to watch as I writhe in pain and spend yet another night sleepless. I don't think he became accustomed to it, he just didn't know any way he could really help.

Nik fed the guinea pig, made the dinners, got Jakey off to school, went to work, washing, housework, grocery shopping, the list is endless. All the things I could not even manage even if I tried. Then of course, because he loves me, he cared for me. He gladly did all of this. And I'm sure would do it all again if he has to.

Now I'm well, he feels redundant. I was so surprised to hear him say that. He is ecstatic that I'm well, but his whole life has changed to unfamiliar territory too.

Well, because my immune system is still quite low, I have caught a dreaded flu. Hopefully it will go away soon, as I want to visit Suze in hospital and catch up with Robyne. Nik however, thinks it's great. He gets to be my carer again. He was a jumpin' and a singin' LOL he said at least he knows how to do that ;-))

Anyone know of something that is good to build one's immune system? I would love any suggestions ;-))

I'm gonna get there, and I'm going to do it for everyone here, that way I can shed hope ;-))

Take care everyone Your pain pal Trace xo

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