Re: I need to have a crying party.......anyone got an extra ear with a few to...

Thu Mar 22 12:16:04 2001

My Dear Supportive Loving E-Friends, Since I e-met you all I've never felt such love and caring. Today I had an appointment with one of the clinics and even though I received more bad news (I think I'd fall over if they ever gave me good news) I handled it ok and am home and have yet to shed a tear. You all have given me hope, hope to go on and know that I am worthwhile (I just haven't figured out how yet). You are all an inspiration to me. I hope that as we grow in e-friendship that I will learn some lessons from all of you, for you all have so much to teach me. I am learning as much as I can about adhesions and ARD but I tire so easily and am so frustrated at times I just turn to your letters and once again I pick up the inspiration and hope. Thank you all for the crying e-towels LOL I'm sorry if I drenched your keyboards. I promise to try to be more optomistic as the days go on. I will answer each of your letters individually when I have a little more energy but I wanted to thank you all for the encouragement, it did help. Does anyone know of a husband exchange program?? Maybe.....LOL never mind!!! LOL I'll just keep the one I have and hopefully I can educate him the way you all are educating me. Love and **HUGS** Missy

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