Re: I need to have a crying party.......anyone got an extra ear with a few to...

From: Rose Lunn (
Thu Mar 22 14:31:58 2001


You'd think I'd know better than to turn to mother has tried, my sister has tried and my brother succeeded. Maybe it just took me longer to figure out that there is a reason I'm here. Maybe I have more impact than I think. I never got too far (I got control before swallowing those pills, driving that car off the bridge, etc....God must have given me the strength to do so, I wasn't strong enough on my own) but the first couple of times, I guess I never really looked at the faces of those who cared for me. Last time I did and I saw in them myself after my brother died.

I too still have those moments of weakness.....but then I remember how it felt to be left that way and the look on other people's faces and I renew my pledge to find my own meaning and to keep on truckin'!

Well....I'm a slow learner I guess! I now try to do one good thing a day. That is my justification for being here. Even if all I have the energy for is to tell someone how nice they look! You never know when that small an action can make all the difference in someone's day.

That's all for now.....Virtual hugs to you!


kcmo rose

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