Re: need a boost

From: Dee (
Thu Mar 22 20:28:49 2001

Ok here's the plan:

1. Call Dr. Redan's office and get your surgery date. 2. Call the Clarion and make your reservation. Be sure to ask for the $60 per day rate for CMC patients 570-344-9811 300 Meadow Ave Scranton, PA 18505 3. Call the airline or go to for driving instructions.

You can do steps 2 & 3 on a weekend morning before exhaustion sets in.

I had surgery with Drs. Redan & Reich 4 weeks ago and I feel wonderful!!! I too was exhausted, overwhelmed, and depressed. I was very nervous about going to PA. I thought "what if they get in there and there aren't any adhesions", "what if they make it worse", "what if the adhesions come back" and on and on with negative thoughts. The reality is: there were enough adhesions and hernias in there to keep 2 docs busy for over 4 hours, they made it a thousand percent better, sure there is a chance some may come back but there is a greater chance that they won't, and in the meantime I am living life again. I woke up in the recovery room and could feel the difference!!! I baked cookies tonight! Talk about renewed energy and motivation!

I know you are scared - we all were. Just remember you will be in the hands of the most skilled and compassionate doctors I have ever met. They will take excellent care of you. If I can answer any questions for you please ask.

We all have pitty-parties on occasion, and I am so happy to have been a part of yours. Next time don't forget the cheese and crackers.... I like them with my whine. :)

Hang in there! Dee

At Thu, 22 Mar 2001, Michael Murray wrote: >
>I am in the process of setting up to go to Pa. to see Dr. Redan. I am
>trying to work half a day and then come home and do a few household
>chores that are piled up.
>I need to set up surgery with Dr. Redan, but by the time I get home from
>work, I feel too bad to do housework or make plans to go to Pa. My
>husband is great support in a lot of ways, but he is leaving this all up
>to me. I need to get on it, but I get overwhelmed with all that I need
>to do. I think it has to do with not feeling well. I am just so worn
>out in the afternoons and evenings. Or, maybe I'm just putting off going
>because I want the surgery to work, but am scared that I will return to
>this Adhesion nightmare. Any suggestions. (I think I am having a
>pitty-party for myself today)

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