Re: Immune system

From: jenny low (
Thu Mar 22 21:37:47 2001

Dear Trace,

I think Janet mentioned the vitamin C and that other herb. But I have also heard that garlic pills can help build up your immune system. You could always ask in a health food store and they should know.

I am so glad that you are still pain free. I sure wish I could say the same. I am waiting for a referral to see a pain specialist. Hopefully I will get it soon. I should be able to actually see the dr in mid April. Anyway, it is good to hear a success story. That builds up my hope. Take care and enjoy those pain free days!

Love, Jenny

>From: "niko" <>
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>Subject: Immune system
>Date: Thu, 22 Mar 2001 10:56:24 -0600
>Clear DayHello everyone ;-))
>I have been having a lot of difficulty adjusting to living without constant
>pain. Your whole life revolves around it. Your friends and your family,
>partners and your children. So, what kind of adjustments do they have to
>make too? I decided to ask my partner. I thought I should share this with
>you, maybe it will help someone else understand how hard it can be for them
>too ;-)
>His answer was not what I expected to tell you the truth. He said that when
>I was in pain, he felt helpless. That's fair enough. But he also explained
>that getting me a cup of tea, and heating up my wheat bag, made him feel
>pathetic. These little things made him feel like he couldn't protect me
>from it, or make any big difference. He still had to watch as I writhe in
>pain and spend yet another night sleepless. I don't think he became
>accustomed to it, he just didn't know any way he could really help.
>Nik fed the guinea pig, made the dinners, got Jakey off to school, went to
>work, washing, housework, grocery shopping, the list is endless. All the
>things I could not even manage even if I tried. Then of course, because he
>loves me, he cared for me. He gladly did all of this. And I'm sure would do
>it all again if he has to.
>Now I'm well, he feels redundant. I was so surprised to hear him say that.
>He is ecstatic that I'm well, but his whole life has changed to unfamiliar
>territory too.
>Well, because my immune system is still quite low, I have caught a dreaded
>flu. Hopefully it will go away soon, as I want to visit Suze in hospital
>and catch up with Robyne. Nik however, thinks it's great. He gets to be my
>carer again. He was a jumpin' and a singin' LOL he said at least he knows
>how to do that ;-))
>Anyone know of something that is good to build one's immune system? I would
>love any suggestions ;-))
>I'm gonna get there, and I'm going to do it for everyone here, that way I
>can shed hope ;-))
>Take care everyone
>Your pain pal
>Trace xo

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